World Peace & Friendship Mission
India to South Africa

World Peace & Friendship Mission is a global civil movement aiming to encourage global peace and friendship using public strength. It focuses on the young generation by edifying them about the benefits of peaceful and progressive world and connect them with our theme PEACE.

Who we are


Mr. Nilay Band working in Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and actively associated with various social institutions like Mahatma Gandhi Sewagram Ashram (Hermitage), Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal (Gandhi Center), Anandwana of Honourable Baba Amte and Madhav Eye Bank (Saksham). He is a Secretary of an NGO – Nagpur Adventure and Sports Association (NASA) which connects the young generation for their self development and progress of our Nation through various Sporting and Social events.

NASA has come up with a novel initiative by crafting World Peace and Friendship Mission - India to South Africa covering 15 countries of Asia and Africa to promote global peace and generate positive atmosphere with the help of universal civil society.
It aims to enhance people to people contact and spread the message of Peace and Friendship and help to eliminate human suffering caused by misguided and anti-social elements. NASA has prepared an extensive program on the ideology and non-violent principles of great stalwarts of peace like Mahatma Gandhi, Khan Abdul Gafar Khan, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela to endorse peace.

This event has got the blessings and prime support of Govt. of India, Maharashtra, South Africa, UK, USA, Australia and the United Nations. It intends to start its journey from Mahatma Gandhi Sewagram Ashram (Hermitage) and conclude at Phoenix Settlement, Durban – South Africa covering 15 Asian and African countries in a span of about two months. Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Hon. Union Minister Govt. of India, Mr. Devendra Fadanvis, Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Mr. Chandrashekhar Bawankule Energy Minister of Govt. of Maharashtra are the Mentors of this esteem project.
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Goals & Objectives

Masses are generally dormant or inactive about many important and fragile issues which imprint pivotal and long term consequences in their life. Masses ignore them as inferior and futile issues, due to lack of foresight, intellect or judgment.
  1. We aware and alert them about the value of PEACE not only in their favor but also for the benefit of coming generations. Moreover we will germinate a peace loving ideology in their wits, emphasizing on perpetual benefits of peaceful living in modern world over the supremacy of faith, race, color, region or gender.
  2. Concurrently we will focus attention of masses on the major hurdles to reach total peace byeliminating human suffering spread by anti-social elements. Save society from the menace of drug trafficking, kidnapping & extortion, Sell of Arsenal, Grab of property/land & prostitution.
We will execute thefield experiments on the path of Mahatma Gandhi and amassthe society to awake them for recognizing their strength and potential to encourage PEACE and end human suffering. We will organize various social & educational programs like peace rally,cycle/bike Ride, poster and picture competition, debate and quiz, speech, street plays, clean-up drive, symposium, group song and dance, tableau etc. to enlighten the glow of entity and dignity of the society. We will organize such programs as per requirement in various places we are visiting, with the help of local Rotary Club, NGOs, educational/ social institutions or local bodies of people.

Once the masses are conscious about their advantage in Peaceful living, we will stock their pressure on the antisocial elements and compel them to quit their nasty actions. By this way we will attain the dream of Peaceful World through the application of nonviolent technique proposed by Mahatma Gandhi.
When youth of any nation gets benefit of above competence then they will incline to progress and prosper without indulging further into antisocial movement. We will sponsor free and fair exchange of intelligence across the world, through this peace project. We will utilize the influence of press, media and social media to reach our goals and connect global society positively with our objectives.
This is lateral objective of our peace project in which we will blend the society especially the young blood, to develop them by acquiring advance knowledge, skill and work ability from across the world.
One of the prime goals of Peace event is to promote healthy and hygienic living for strong and sturdy society. When people are in energetic physical status, their mental stand will also be dynamic and positive. This will lead to development of friendship, empathy and consideration in the society.
When homogeneity of the society would crop-up then there is an augmentation of business and commerce, partnership and Enterprise in the world. This will provide more avenues, jobs and work opportunities to young generation and their diversion to vested activities will automatically be controlled. Promotion of tourism would buzz understanding in various cultures and societies and then minimize annoyance in humanities.
Our ultimate object is to cognizant global society about profits of pious and peaceful living for preservation of earth for coming generation. Eco-friendly, Pollution free and modest life style will be encouraged beyond the boundaries of all nations for harmonized and colossal global society. Highlight dangers of climate change caused due to disrupting ecological balance and suggest ways to correct it.

Member of World Peace Team

A 30 member peace team (ladies and gents) is being selected from across the world with the help of Rotary Clubs and several linked NGOs of various nations. All peacekeepers would gather in India and commence the peace event from Gandhi Ashram Sewagram, near city of Wardha Maharashtra. It visit to 15 Asian and African countries and finally conclude this mission at the Phoenix Settlement Durban, South Africa. The event will start on June 01, 2016 and will end on July 31, 2016.The team members are ranging from age group of 22 to 74 and about 40 % members of team are ladies. All are committed to confirm the peace and propagate feeling of oneness and humanity.

Mr. Nilay Band India
  • Age - 54 years
  • Work Place - Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur
  • Experience - Organised and Participated in many Sporting & Adventure Events. University Player of Table Tennis(Captain) and Basket Ball. Has vast experience of Trekking, Mountaineering and Bike Expeditions Bike Expedition to Mount Kailash and Man-Sarovar at 15000 ft. in Tibetan Himalaya Also arranged many social events like Aids Awareness Rally, Blood & Eye Donation Campaigns with Rotary Club & other NGOs.
  • Post - Secretary of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Team Leader of World Peace Mission.
  • Member of Rotary Club of Nagpur West
Mrs. Gauri Dolas India
  • Age - 47 years
  • Work Place - Nagpur Nagrik Bank Nagpur (Financial Institution)
  • Experience - Participated and led various Adventure Sports and Sporting Activities Boat Sailing and Pulling, Running, Trekking, Rock Climbing and Bike xpeditions Traversed to full sea cost of India on Bike, Himalayan Biking, Desert Voyage. Bike Expedition to Mount Kailash and Man-Sarovar at 15000 ft. in Tibetan Himalaya. Participated in Social Campaign of Eye Donation organised by Madhav Eye Bank.
  • Post - Asst. Secretary & Treasurer of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) 2nd Team Leader of World Peace Mission.
Mr. Chandrashekhar Karkar India
  • Age - 59 years
  • Work Place - State Bank of India, Nagpur
  • Experience - Organised & Participated in many Sporting events like Table Tennis, Cricket, Carrom, Badminton. Official Umpire for Table Tennis, Carrom and Official Scorer of 1st Class Cricket.
  • Post - President of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Coordinator of World Peace Mission.
Mr. Shriniwas Risaldar India
  • Age - 56 years
  • Work Place - Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur
  • Experience- Cricket and Table Tennis Player Volunteer of Dr. Hedgewar Blood Bank and Madhav Eye Bank Participated in All India Reserve Bank Sports Meet as Manager and Player Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Manager of World Peace Mission
Mr. Sameer Ogale India
  • Age - 46 years
  • Work Place - Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd. Pune
  • Experience - Participated Adventure Sports like Rock Climbing and Trekking Cricketer and Chess Player Bike Expedition to Mount Kailash and Man-Sarovar at 15000 ft. in Tibetan Himalaya. Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Member of World Peace Mission (His photo will be captured from his Resume)
Dr. Sharad Nayampalli India
  • Age - 71 Years
  • Work Place- Indian Development Foundation, Mumbai
  • Experience- Ample Experience of Social Work and Activities in Rural, Tribal and Deprived Sector Expert in Yoga, Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine Practices Homeopathy and Ayurveda Treatment Acted in many feature films, TV Serials, advertisement films and documentaries on Mahatma Gandhi and also in other various characters Directed & Written Short Plays, Skits, Songs & Poems Participated in World Peace March in 2009 organised by World Without War USA Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Member of World Peace Mission
Professor Shamshuddin Tamboli India
  • Age - 53 years
  • Work Place - Professor in Marathwada Mitra Mandal college.
  • Professor in Marathwada Mitra Mandal College of Commece, Pune President Muslim Satya-Shodhak Mandal General Secretary of Progressive Muslim Forum Multiple Experience of Social Work & Reformation in various Communities including Muslim Society with special reference to Education, sanitation, health, misconception and superstition etc. Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Member of World Peace Mission
Dr. Prafulla Goregaonkar India
  • Age - 58 years
  • Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur Doctorate in Psychology - good orator & counselor. Hobby of reading books & gardening Participation - in variety of activities like Blood Donation & Eye Donation bike rallies organised by NASA. Actively involved in many social, cultural & educational programs of Reserve Bank of India.
  • Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Member of World Peace Mission.
Miss. Amrapali Chavan India
  • Age - 39 years
  • Pioneer of NGO - Peace Association Pune Affiliated to Nehru Yuwa Kendra (Youth Center) Pune governed by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  • Connected with various Rotary Clubs, Colleges & NGOs of Pune to undertake various social & peace encouragement programs.
  • Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Member of World Peace Mission.
Mr. Rushikesh Khilare India
  • Age - 29 years
  • Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Member of World Peace Mission.
Mr. Lakshman Gole India
  • Age - 29 years
  • Connected with Mumbai Sarvoday mandal under the guidance of Shri TRK Somaiya. Noted social worker & focusing on Rehabilitation work of prisoners who completed their sentence & want to survive in the society. He also undertakes lectures in various prisons to help transformation of prisoners. He is invited in colleges & schools for speech & share experience of his work at Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal.
  • Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Member of World Peace Mission.
Mr. Shafique Mohemmad India
  • Age - 44 years
  • serving in Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur. He is a renowned Cyclist & has experience of long distance cycling, rough track cycling & jungle cycling. Fond of adventure traveling by utility vehicle. He is a chess player & love reading & music.
  • He is a good singer.
  • Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Member of World Peace Mission.
Mrs. Rubina Patel India
  • Age - 33 years
  • She is head of Rubi Social Welfare Society & also Rubi Institute for Women at Nagpur. She is working for education & development of Muslim Community, specially the ladies of Nagpur, Vidarbha Region & Maharashtra.
  • Noted- Columnist & her articles on social problems & welfare are published in local & national news papers. Affiliated to various women organizations & NGOs. Member of Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) Member of World Peace Mission.
Sanjay Waghmare India
  • Age - 43 years
  • Working - Indian Development Foundation Mumbai Foundation concentrates on Leprosy patients & create mass awareness about the disease & misconceptions about it. Foundation is connected with many hospitals for training, help & guidance for better care & treatment to patients. Visit to remote & tribal areas to identify cases of Leprosy & attain them for better treatment & relief. Received many awards & recognition for excellent work to eradicate Leprosy. He is a good singer & also a cricket player.
Yogini Deshpande India
  • Age - 50 years
  • Has enormous experience of trekking, Jungle traversing, Trekked in Himalaya ranges at Amarnath, Sarpass, Chota Kailash & Om Parbat. Participated in various sporting & adventure events of Youth Hostel Association India like National Goa Expedition, Aasam, Arunachal, Uttarakhand & Bakriya Pass. Participated in Mount Kailash & Lake ManSarovar Bike Expedition organised by NASA. She is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Rajashree Chendke India
  • Age - 52 years
  • Associated with various social & educational activities of Vivekanand Center & Sharada Math (Hermitage) at Nagpur.She participated in Friendship Mission to Thimpu Bhutan initiated by Rotary Club. She is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Miss. Ina Farzana Bangladesh
  • Age - 30 years
  • Working in Nanotech Solutions & Consultancy ltd. Experienced in various social activities on grass root level .She is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Mr. Khaledur Rehman Shakil Bangladesh
  • Age - 33 years
  • Director of Nanotech Solutions & Consultancy Ltd. Founder & President - War Crime Trial Stage Bangladesh, Convener - Justice for Genocide, International Member of Amnesty International, International Member - Indian Subcontinent Partition Documentation Project, Activist of Platform against communalism & Aggressive Religious Fundamentalism. He is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Mr. Saleem Malik Pakistan
  • Age - 64 years
  • Life Member of Human Rights Commission, Work for Women Empowerment & Child Protection, Also volunteering services to disabled persons for their welfare. Businessman by profession. He is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Mr. Anil Kapoor Pakistan
  • Age - 27 years
  • Working in International Human Rights Commission - Human Rights Activist, Social Worker & Development Specialist aiming to achieve Peace in the society. He is Youth Ambassador at International Human Rights Commission& Global Youth Ambassador at A World At School. He is also Minority Community Leader at Community World Service Asia & Church World Service at Pakistan / Afgahnistan. He is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Mr. Obaid Ullah Pakistan
  • Age - 29 years
  • Working as Research Assistant in Akhtar Hameed Khan Memorial Trust Rawalpindi & active member of Non Violence & Peace Building Network (NPN) They organize educational & awareness programs in schools & disturbed areas of North West Regioun of Pakistan. Project Coordinator of Solid Waste Management in Chitral City of Pakistan.
Mrs. Khair Un Nisa Pakistan
  • Age - 46 years
  • She is Advocate in High Court. Connected with various social activities of Al-Nisa Welfare Trust, Associated with variety of awareness, educative & help activities related to ladies. She is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Mr. Mansoor Ali Akhtar Pakistan
  • Age - 38 years
  • He is renowned Educationist in Bahawalnagar Punjab - Master of Education & Political Science, M. Phil in Education, Providing Education to students of various age groups, Founder & General Secretary of Ujala Foundation - focusing on child, woman & deprived class education.
Muhammad Qureshi Pakistan
  • Age - 33 years
  • Pakistan Global Initiative for Justice & Peace Mr Muhammad Waseem Qureshi is Founder Director & Chairperson Pakistan Global Initiative. He is Constitutional Lawyer by Profession, Professional Legislative Fellow at US Department of State Alumni Exchange Program. Further He is renowned Philanthropist, Columnist, Social, Human Rights & Peace Activist. He has worked for different development, peace, interfaith dialogue projects and proves himself as a successful social human rights and peace activist. He has extensive experience of working on Peace, Interfaith dialogue , Leadership building , youth empowerment and Governance issues like elections reforms, transparency and Right to Information, participatory budgeting, legislative reforms, women empowerment, police reforms and local governance. He is Member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Doulat Khan Pakistan
  • Age - 28 years
  • Working as a Coordinator with - NGO Community Appraisal for Research & Development (CARD), Work Experience in the field of - Social Cohesion,Youth Development Human Rights, Livelihood, Education, Health & Peace Building. Member of FATA Youth Assembly. He is a member World Peace team.
Mr. Hematullah Niazmand Afghanistan
  • Age - 29 years
  • Working at SABA TV Station at Kabul Afghanistan. Also Work for ACSOR Survey & Researching Company Afghanistan. Vast Experience of filed work in masses about awareness & Education programs undertaken by Govt. Departments & NGOs. Presenter of Social Programs on TV. Member of Social Foundation & Youth Association. He is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Mr. Samuel Chege Kenya
  • Age - 35 years
  • He is an artist & peer Educator, Attached with the activities of Hope World Wide,USAID, Campaigned with the Nairobi City Council in slums against HIV threats, Participated in post election rehabilitation & awareness campaign to control violence in year 2007 under Head - Peace a Must. He is a musician, Hip-Hop performer & a composer. He is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Virginia Nyambura Kenyan
  • Age - 39 years
  • Self Employed - Member & Coordinator of Youth Group & Wise Men Association An Artist, a singer & a group performer. Nature Lover.
Mr. Abiyamu Solomon Tanzania
  • Age - 33 years
  • Executive Director of Youth & Child Development Program, Coordinator of Ngaramtoni Youth Standup Group. Assistant Researcher - Ace Africa, Volunteer of Imagine Peace Places. Technical Consultant - East Africa Development Ltd.
Vincent Uhega Tanzania
  • Age - 32 years
  • He is a Founder and president of Voice Of Youth Tanzania that located Usa-river , Leganga at Arumeru District Arusha-Tanzania. He deals with youth empowerment especially venerable young woman. He is a known poet, a writer & a composer of songs & music. He is also a nature lover & has vast knowledge of ecology of Tanzania.
Elita Chulu Zambia
  • Age - 22 years
  • Working in Volunteer Services Overseas (VSO) Zambia, Member of Youth Development Foundation Ha s leadership quality & ability to work & pilot with minimum guidance. She is a good performer, dancer & has a poetic sense. Nature Lover
Miss. Ashley Ngwenya Zimbabwe
  • Age - 24 years
  • Working at -"Youth Engage" , Board Member of National Young People's Network, President of Youth Today & Tomorrow Organization - organizing various social awareness programs like HIV & AIDS Prevention, Family Planning, Sexual Reproductive Health etc. Freelance Carrier Guidance coach, Working with Ministry of Health Govt. of Zimbabwe for undertaking hygiene programs for tribes & grass root societies. She is a poet, singer & dancer under Pamberi Trust. She is a member of Rotaract a youth wing of Rotary Club & focusing on personality development of young generation in schools. She is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Miss Fadzai Muungani Zimbabwe
  • Age - 24 years
  • She is a Development Practitioner & Working at Fambidnazai Permaculture Center as a Monitoring & Evaluation Consultant, Member of Awareness Africa Trust, Work on various development issues like Peace & Conflict Resolution, Environment etc. Writer of short stories based on current social issues. She is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Miss Zaneli Ndlovu South Africa
  • Age - 33 years
  • Working at Cape Gate Miagi Center for Music Johannesburg, Teaching skills, Participate in various social activities, Mentor for Abused Girls through the organization Heal the Self. Attached with Rotary Club of Johannesburg. She is member of World Peace Mission.
Miss. Nonceba Ntintili South Africa
  • Age - 33 years
  • Working with - Urban Voices & Makhaya Production - Member of Unokhethwako Community Trust - Using art to eradicate Poverty & teaching skill as medium of expression. Activist & Event Organizer for various Arts. Member of African Woman Writers Symposium operating team. She assisted to restore some of the most historic and iconic pictures of Alf Kumalo. Also assist with the programming for City of Joburg Cultural Events related to Education & Culture. She is a Member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Sizwe Vilakazi South Africa
  • Age - 36 years
  • Working at - National School of Arts as a Facilitator. He Volunteered in various schools as Arts Facilitator. He is a qualified Drama Player & played in many community productions, Worked as an Actor for Action Action Transport Theatre UK, Plays & Story Writer & also dance director. He is a member of World Peace team.
Mrs. Carol Walden Australia
  • Age - 57 years
  • She is a Bachelor of Media & Communications (Writing, Publishing & Peace Studies) She is a writer, artist, and environmental and social activist. She is a board member of Darling Downs Environment Council, Toowoomba, Australia. Carol has emceed commemorative multi-faith concerts, organised lectures and women’s circles, coordinated festivals and published an alternative lifestyle magazine. She is a member of the International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance (ITWPA). She has written children’s books with environmental messages, and published articles on going green, growing food, personal growth and Feng Shui.
Dr. Luke Simmons Australia
  • Age - 37 years
  • He is Head Representative of World Peace Committee of Australia, He Works for International Humanitarian causes & piloting various projects. Specialist in Humanity Activism to transform negative thinking to positive ideology. He is a member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.
Ms. Stacey Huish Australia
  • Age - 40 years
  • She has studied Peaceful Conflict Resolution and brought about many resolutions where both people's needs were met. Stacey has worked with many difference people and succeeded. Stacey works in the field of social justice. Stacey is a Teacher, Author and Public Speaker. She is well qualified personality. She is a member of World Peace Team.
Mr. Ian Hollywood UK
  • Age - 53 years
  • Workplace: Christleton High School, Cheshire, England Teacher of Theology & Religious Studies. Worked on the Northern Ireland Peace Process. Visited the West Bank, Gaza, Palestine and Israel for Educational purpose. Author of many journal articles on Peace Building strategies. Peace and Reconciliation, Radicalization. why people join paramilitary organisations. Engage in Martial arts and boxing fitness. Teach self defense tactics. Member of World Peace & Friendship Mission.

Route of Peace Mission

The peace mission will connect the civil society with its nonviolent objectives and minimize human suffering produced by extremism and terrorism.



  • Schedule : June 01, 2016 from Mahatma Gandhi Sewagram Ashram (Hermitage), India – July 31, 2016 to Phoenix Settlement, Durban, South Africa.
  • Approved by : Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Govt. of India and Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Maharashtra State
  • Supported by : Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India & Ministry of Home Affairs Govt. of India
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Mentors of the project

  • Shri Nitinji Gadkari – Union Minister Govt. of India
  • Shri Devndraji Fadnavis – Chief Minister of Maharashtra
  • Shri Chandrashekharji Bawankule – Energy Minister Govt. of Maharashtra / Guardian Minister of Nagpur
  • Shri Anilji Sole – MLA of Nagpur
  • Shri Pravinji Datke – Mayor of Nagpur
  • Technical Support
  • Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India
  • Ministry of Home Govt. of India


  • Nagpur Adventure & Sports Association (NASA) through social wing - Global People for Peace.
  • Rotary Club of Nagpur West, India
  • Mahatma Gandhi Sewagram Ashram (Hermitage), India
  • Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal, India
  • Rotary Clubs and NGOs, Institutions from across the world


Patrons of Peace Mission

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Current Events

Heading - 01

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  • Apr14, 2016

Heading - 02

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  • Apr14, 2016

Approval & Endorsements

Sr. Year Letters
01 23-Feb-2016 Letter from Home Ministry
02 23-Feb-2016 Letter from Mayor of Sydney
03 24-Jan-2016 Letter of Rotary Club
04 13-Jan-2016 MTDC Letter
05 31-Dec-2015 Letter of Tourism Ministry
06 19-Dec-2015 Letter of MLC Nagpur
07 11-Aug-2015 Letter of Guardian Minister
08 09-Jun-2015 Letter from Hon. Minister UK
09 16-Feb-2015 Home Ministry Letter
10 27-Jan-2015 Home Ministry Internal communication
11 26-Dec-2014 Home MInistry Letter(Foreign Cell)
12 12-Dec-2014 Home Ministry letter
13 05-Jul-2014 Nitinji Gadkari to HM & EAM
14 04-Jul-2014 Home Ministry Letter
15 21-Apr-2014 PM Office
16 06-Sep-2013 President Letter to-Home Minister
17 12-Jul-2011 Sports Ministry
18 03-Feb-2011 President India Help
19 28-Nov-2010 NItin Gadkari
20 02-Nov-2010 Letter of US Embassy
21 06-May-2010 President Helpline
22 16-Mar-2010 Australia Govt.
23 22-Dec-2009 Sports Ministry
24 25-Jun-2009 South Africa Govt.
25 16-Mar-2009 Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal - English Translation
16-Mar-2009 Mumbai Sarvoday Mandal - Original
26 20-Feb-2009 Letter of CM
27 10-Oct-2008 Vilas Muttemwar
28 19-Oct-2007 President Pratibhatai Patil
29 10-Feb-2005 Sharad Pawar
30 12-Jan-2005 Sports Ministry
31 20-Nov-2003 Sports Ministry
32 16-Aug-2001 Rotary Help (1)
33 16-Aug-2001 Rotary Help (2)
34 23-Jun-2000 South Africa Govt. (1)
35 23-Jun-2000 South Africa Govt. (2)
36 01-Oct-1998 UNO Support
37 27-Jan-1994 Gandhi Sewagram Ashram (Nai Taleem Sameti) - English Translation
27-Jan-1994 Gandhi Sewagram Ashram (Nai Taleem Sameti) - Original
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